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4 Possible Explanations to Your Tooth Pain

added on: September 12, 2017
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Most of us will experience the unpleasant sensation of tooth pain at least once in our lives. And as anyone who has had a toothache before will tell you, it’s pretty unbearable. Tooth pain is unlike any other kind of pain. It can come on suddenly and sometimes it seems as if nothing can help relieve it. At our dental office in Charlottesville, we understand and are here to help you by listing some possible reasons your teeth hurt.

You have a cavity.

Let’s start with the most obvious cause of tooth pain, a cavity. Once a tooth begins to decay and a cavity forms, you may not initially feel pain. However, if left untreated, the cavity can affect the inner tooth nerves, and that’s when the pain starts. It’s best to get a filling before the cavity has a chance to grow or leads to an abscess.  

Gums have started to recede.

So you brush everyday, twice a day and take great care of your teeth. Yet you’re experiencing tooth pain. What could be happening? There’s a chance that even though you’re brushing diligently, you may be brushing too hard. Applying pressure as you brush your teeth can seem like the best way to get your pearly whites as clean as possible, but in fact, it can damage your gums and cause them to recede. Once gums recede, the tooth’s roots become exposed and you can experience pain.  

Nighttime grinding is causing daytime pain.

Many people grind their teeth as a response to stress. Others may grind while they’re asleep and not even know it. Either way, tooth grinding can lead to pain. As your teeth repeatedly rub against each other, sometimes with quite a bit of force, your enamel can wear down and leave tooth roots exposed and cause sensitivity. Other times, chronic tooth grinding can lead to jaw pain or headaches. The best treatment if this is the cause behind your pain is usually a custom-fitted mouthguard.  

A tooth has cracked.

You may think that if a cracked tooth is the reason behind your pain, you’d know it. But that’s not always true. Symptoms of a cracked tooth have a way of creeping up on us, sometimes days after we actually did the damage. Cracked teeth could be a result of eating something particularly hard, teeth grinding, or an injury. Get to your dentist if you suspect a cracked tooth before it has a chance to get bigger.   

While there are a variety of possible explanations as to why your teeth hurt, it’s important to remember that tooth pain is typically a sign there’s a problem and you should get to your dentist in Charlottesville as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for a compassionate dental team to take a closer look, we’re always happy to help. We welcome you to call our Charlottesville dental office at any time to schedule a visit.

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