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Prevention is the best way to promote oral health and longevity of your smile. That’s why we stick to the American Dental Association’s recommendation that you visit Dr. Kayton at least twice a year. This way, we can track the progression of your smile’s health and combat any problems that may try to sneak in, before they become larger issues.

During every checkup, we provide a comprehensive exam, which allows us to be proactive with any possible dental problems that may occur. Something as simple as a cavity, if left untreated, can spread to surrounding teeth and wreak havoc on the health of your mouth. That’s why it’s important to have a full dental exam at least twice a year.

We help our Charlottesville patients develop healthy hygiene habits and ensure that every smile is the absolute best it can be. Our hygienists are specially trained to detect and treat gum disease, which is the primary cause of adult tooth loss. Also, early detection of oral cancer can be lifesaving, and we check for signs of abnormalities during every exam.

Bring your entire family for a visit, and keep smiling. Children as young as two should have a checkup by the dentist, and regular exams should begin by age four or five.

Let us develop a course of treatment that focuses specifically on your needs and achieves your goals. Our years of experience combined with skilled precision in every treatment allow us to really interact with each patient as an individual. We are proud to keep the smiles of Charlottesville, Earlysville, Troy, and surrounding communities happy and healthy.

Our comprehensive exams include x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and hygiene treatments. We cover each and every tooth, inspecting for signs of decay or damage. We even check your gums for periodontal disease. Then, we’ll create a customized treatment plan so you can achieve all of your dental goals.

During your checkup, we’ll examine your soft gum tissue for any signs of oral cancer. We use visual and manual screening methods, as early detection of abnormal tissue can be lifesaving. Risk factors include alcohol and tobacco use, however anyone can develop oral cancer. Don’t wait. Get screened today.

Dr. Kayton has x-ray vision. Well maybe not in the superhero sense, but it sure seems like it. With the help of specialized equipment, we can produce high-resolution digital images of your teeth to help us determine what’s happening under the surface. We can even find cavities before they appear through the use of Spectra cavity detection technology, which uses light to find weakened areas of your tooth enamel.

Great hygiene habits can make a big difference in keeping your mouth healthy. We recommend a professional cleaning every six months, to remove plaque buildup and keep your smile looking great. We use Piezo ultrasonic scalers to really deep clean your teeth and brighten your smile.

Should we discover any signs of gum disease, we’ll immediately recommend a course of treatment. First, we begin with a deep cleaning, including scaling and root planing. Then depending on your case, we may recommend PerioChip, a wafer-like treatment that reduces the size of the gum pockets, or Arestin, an antibiotic treatment. We may even prescribe Atridox, which is a long-acting medication that prevents the growth of bacteria. We tackle gum disease quickly and effectively. Don’t sacrifice your smile.

Are your teeth feeling sensitive? Do hot or cold temperatures cause pain and discomfort? Ask us how fluoride treatments can help replenish lost minerals to your enamel. We use a fluoride varnish for children every time they visit, which helps to strengthen teeth and protect against decay. We offer fluoride treatments for adults as needed.

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can be very damaging over time, creating unnecessary wear to your tooth enamel. Nighttime grinding, known as bruxism, can be treated with the use of nightguards. These custom-fit guards cover the top and bottom teeth to discourage the instinctive grinding. We also offer sports mouthguards for kids, so they can play all their favorite activities while protecting their teeth.

Your comfort is important to us. During your treatment, should you feel discomfort or pain, we can offer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the treatment area. We also use nitrous oxide, which is great for patients who may feel nervous about having a particular procedure. Nitrous oxide is a gas that can be easily controlled, and the effects wear off soon after it’s stopped. Always feel free to talk to us about your concerns, so we can do our best to help you feel at ease.

Do you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Ask us about SomnoDent, a custom-fitted oral appliance specifically designed for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The device fits like a mouthguard, and helps open your airways while you sleep. It’s time you got the rest you deserve. Contact us today.

Dental emergencies can disrupt your entire schedule, which is why we seek to get you into our office the very same day you call. You don’t have to suffer in pain any longer. We promise to get you back on track as soon as possible and help you feel better in no time.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office immediately at 434-977-3939!

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