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Many people believe that a missing tooth is primarily a cosmetic issue. However, if it isn’t replaced it can cause a variety of health problems down the road. The risk of losing more teeth is increased, and your remaining healthy teeth must pull double duty to compensate for the missing tooth. This can cause your bite to become altered, and the healthy teeth will begin to shift to account for the empty space. You may begin to experience jaw pain, grinding, and unnecessary wear of your teeth. So how do you stop it?

Dental implants may be the solution for you! As one of the closest alternatives to natural teeth, dental implants are permanent and fuse to your jaw, which stops any atrophying of the bone due to missing teeth.

Dr. Jack T. Kayton
First, Dr. Kayton will evaluate your mouth to ensure you have enough healthy tissue and bone mass to support long-term implants. If necessary, we may recommend preliminary procedures to prepare for your implants. Next, we’ll refer you to a skilled implant surgeon to place the titanium rod that acts as a root system into your jaw bone. Dr. Kayton will evaluate your healing and when ready, create a custom prosthetic to secure to the titanium post. Traditional tooth implants support a prosthetic crown as a replacement, creating a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Along with traditional implants, we provide additional dental implants options depending on each patient’s individual needs. Ask us about these implant services:

  • IMPLANT-RETAINED DENTURES: Get rid of the messy, oozy denture adhesive and secure your dentures with four implants. These dentures are more comfortable because they don’t shift, and there’s zero friction. Wear your dentures with confidence.
  • IMPLANT-RETAINED BRIDGES: Implant-retained bridges are effective for patients missing multiple teeth. They’re similar to regular dental bridges, except instead of being supported by natural teeth, multiple implant posts are used. The crowns are connected to one another, forming a singular prosthetic piece.
  • MINI-IMPLANTS: If you need extra support for your dentures, this may be the most viable option. Mini-implants are generally less invasive, as they are narrower and more suited to smaller teeth.
  • COSMETIC IMPLANTS: Restore your teeth and your confidence with cosmetic implants! Get the most natural looking replacements to perfect your smile and eliminate self-consciousness.

See how dental implants can dramatically improve your smile and function!

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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