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Before You Whiten, See Your Dentist in Charlottesville

added on: December 24, 2013


Time, food, certain habits, and plenty of other things can cause your smile to transform from bright and white to dull and dingy. You may think it’s a quick, easy fix with a stop at your local drugstore to pick up one of those teeth whitening kits. However, Dr. Jack Kayton wants to encourage you to visit your dentist in Charlottesville before making any decisions on your smile whitening.

A visit to our dental office in Charlottesville can help determine the best teeth whitening solution for you. We’ll discuss your desires and look into a variety of safe and easy options for your smile. Why’s this an important first step? Well, sometimes over-the-counter whitening treatments can cause more damage and produce a smile that’s not as white as you’d like.

Since many of the whitening options found at your local drugstore or supermarket come with a one-size-fits-all whitening tray or generic-sized strips, it’s really easy for the solution to reach your gums where it can sit for an extended period of time. This can actually lead to gum irritation. Additionally, some ingredients in the store whitening kits can cause tooth sensitivity and may not even allow you to reach your desired white.

By visiting your Charlottesville dentist before committing to a whitening regimen, we can help determine which whitening treatment is best for you. Whether it’s professional in-office whitening or a custom take-home system, a visit with us can help make your teething whitening experience safe and pain free. If we determine that your teeth are better off without a whitening treatment, we can talk about other options like veneers or bonding.  Either way, a visit with us is sure to get your smile bright, white, and vibrant again!

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