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Charlottesville’s Choice for Metal -Free Fillings

added on: October 29, 2012

It’s my job to offer every patient the opportunity to receive the best and safest materials I can find. That’s why I have chosen not to offer metal fillings in my office. Instead I use composite fillings for cavities that need a smaller repair and porcelain inlays or onlays for cavities or damage that needs a restoration that is a little larger. If your tooth is broken or needs a root canal, I’ll use a porcelain crown. All of these methods are not only safer for your health they also look really good! In fact, they are usually indistinguishable from your natural tooth

Why is this such a benefit? Metal fillings aren’t just potentially harmful to your health, they are bad for your tooth structure as well. Like any metal, the metal in your mouth responds to changes in temperature. Whenever you eat or drink anything hot or cold, the filling will expand or contract. This constant expansion and contraction can weaken your tooth structure. It can also allow bacteria to get in under the filling and create decay.

If you would like more information about the benefits of metal-free restorations, call me Dr. Jack Kayton at my Charlottesville Dental Office at 434.977.3939.

Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in CharlottesvilleDr. Jack T. Kayton

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