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Dental Bonding in Charlottesville

added on: February 11, 2013

Have you ever broken off a piece of a tooth? If you’ve done it within the past few years, then you’re probably familiar with dental bonding. Dental bonding in Charlottesville is one of the most versatile methods of restoring teeth.. A bonding treatment only takes about 30 to 60 minutes, without shots, or pain.

It’s amazing what dental bonding can do for restoration or cosmetic purposes. It’s used for a variety of minor corrections to your smile, such as lengthening a tooth that’s shorter than the rest of your teeth, filling small gaps, covering a badly stained tooth, or for filling cavities.

The process starts with a composite resin tinted to match your teeth. The tooth is prepped by slightly roughening the surface, then a primer is applied to help the resin adhere to the tooth.

The resin is then applied and shaped. After it’s hardened with a special light, the final step is to trim, shape, and polish. It sounds simple, but dental bonding takes advanced training, technical expertise, and an artist’s touch to create an imperceptible change or improvement to your teeth.

Dental bonding can be used to make minor repairs or improvements to your smile. It doesn’t require any special care, just floss and brush twice a day. And avoid any habits that can damage the bonding, or the rest of your teeth, such as biting down on ice or other hard foods, or using your teeth as an opener! Common sense and good dental habits are all the follow-up you need.

If you accidentally chip or break a tooth, call us as soon as possible at 434.977.3939. A small problem can quickly become a big problem! Or if you think your smile can use some touching up, please visit our Charlottesville dental office and talk to Dr. Kayton.

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