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Crowns and Bridges

Treat fractured, cracked, or damaged teeth like royalty. Crown restorations are porcelain “caps” that completely cover the tooth, making it more stable and less susceptible to further damage. Crowns are great for teeth that have received a root canal, because the restoration improves the strength and structural integrity of the tooth.

If you have a series of missing teeth, crowns can be used to create a fixed restoration called a dental bridge. Anchored by crowns on each of the healthy teeth on the sides of the gap, prosthetics replace any missing teeth. We mostly use zirconium oxide for our bridges due to increased strength and stability, however, we also create metal-free or porcelain-fused-to-metal dental bridges in certain cases.

Dr. Jack T. Kayton in Charlottesville

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in Charlottesville

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Dr. Jack T. Kayton in Charlottesville

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