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Don’t Let a Dental Issue Ruin Your Vacation

added on: July 10, 2014

dental emergency during vacationWhen you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to deal with is a dental emergency. They can be painful, and, sometimes, just a pain. There are several ways you can help prevent a dental issue while on vacation, but if one does happen, my dental office in Charlottesville has some tips you can try so that you can stop worrying about your smile, and start getting back to relaxing.

Before starting out on your vacation, begin thinking about some of the snacks you may encounter while you’re relaxing poolside or during movie nights. By avoiding some common dangerous foods for your smile, your chance of a dental emergency decreases. Keep the popcorn away, leave the sticky sweets at home (or even better, at the store), and let your ice chips keep your drink cold but don’t crunch them. Simply making wise food choices can keep your smile in its best shape for vacation, and for life.

Another way to help keep dental problems away is to see your Charlottesville dentist before you leave. A checkup is a great way to make sure your teeth are healthy and that there are no potential problems waiting to ruin your vacation. Even if you do get your teeth checked before you head out, there is no guarantee that a dental emergency won’t happen. So if one does, my Charlottesville dental office wants to provide you with some helpful tips.

What To Do in Case of a Dental Emergency

Knocked Out Tooth – First, find the tooth if you can. When you do find it, make sure to hold it by only the crown and don’t touch the roots. Try inserting the tooth back into the socket without using too much force. If you can’t get it in, put the tooth in milk and get to a dentist. The tooth has a higher chance of being saved if it’s replaced in the socket within an hour.

  • Lost Crown – Apply a little clove oil to the tooth if you have pain. Coat the inside of the crown with some over-the-counter dental cement and try slipping it back over the tooth. Never use super glue!
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth – Rinse your mouth out with warm water and any broken pieces as well. If you’re bleeding, a piece of gauze applied with some pressure will help stop it. A cold compress can help reduce pain and swelling.
  • Lost Filling – Over-the-counter dental cement can be used to fill the cavity. You can also try sugarless gum, but be sure to avoid anything with sugar in it as it will cause pain.

Before you head out on your well-deserved vacation, make an appointment with my dental office in Charlottesville. Once we’ve completed the exam and wished you bon voyage, remember to watch what you eat while you’re away, and if something does happen, you now know what to do so you can get your smile back to health and yourself back to relaxation.

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