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Foods That Can Damage Charlottesville Smiles

added on: September 18, 2013

popcornThere are many foods that can cause damage to teeth and some are more obvious than others. While it’s never surprising to hear dentists talk about how bad sugar is for your teeth, there are other foods that should also be covered when discussing healthy eating habits for your smile. At the Charlottesville dental office of Dr. Jack Kayton, we want to educate our patients on the other types of food that can be harmful to your oral health.

Sticky foods, including sticky sweets, are some of the most dangerous foods for teeth. Sweet sticky foods are not only harmful because of the sugar, they’re also bad for te
eth because of the texture. The stickiness of foods like caramel and taffy tends to cause the food, and the sugar found in the food, to linger on teeth. This can cause teeth to become more susceptible to decay and cavities. Sticky foods can also cause trouble for dental restorations, even pulling out fillings or loosening crowns.

Hard foods, like popcorn or ice, can also damage teeth. While teeth are strong and made to help us chew, they can’t withstand everything. Chewing on crunchy foods can put a lot of stress on your teeth and can even result in broken teeth in Charlottesville. Habitually crunching ice cubes or accidentally finding that hidden popcorn kernel can also cause tooth cracks, chips, and damaged restorations.

Highly acidic foods, like lemons and soda, are also damaging to teeth. The acid can cause tooth enamel to erode, which increases the chance of decay and cavities. Surprisingly, you shouldn’t brush immediately after eating acidic foods. It makes it easier for the acid to penetrate the enamel. Instead, rinse with water and then brush about an hour later.

At our dental office in Charlottesville, we want to help keep smiles protected and healthy. One of the best ways to do that is to routinely examine our patients teeth. When you keep your regularly scheduled appointments, we are able to monitor your oral health and protect your teeth from the damaging effects of food and drink. If you’re due for a check up – especially if you like to chew on ice or snack on sticky or acidic foods – schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to seeing you!


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