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Southern Hospitality and Holiday Smiles in Charlottesville, by Dr. Jack Kayton

added on: December 12, 2012

What’s better than a winter holiday? Why, a winter holiday in Virginia, of course. A place where our country’s history and traditions meet Southern charm and gracious hospitality. And of course, delicious treats and all our favorite foods. But watch out! Some of our favorite goodies aren’t so good for our smiles, and can stain our teeth.

You’ll recognize some of these chief culprits of tooth stains, but some others may surprise you. Here are just a few.

  • Berries and juices: Cranberry relishes, blueberry pie, fruit juices, artificially colored sodas are just a few tooth-staining culprits. Many of these are highly acidic and can damage tooth enamel.
  • Coffee, tea, wine: Coffee, black tea, and red wine are well known for their potential to stain teeth.
  • Colored gum and candy, nuts: There are snacks and goodies everywhere this time of year! Those extra nibbles of candy (including chocolate!) and nuts can leave food stains on your teeth.

Can you see a pattern? The combination of acidic and highly colored foods, even tomato sauce and ketchup, can stain your teeth. But some foods, like celery and carrots can help counteract some of those smile-spoiling foods. And the best way to help prevent stains? Regular brushing and flossing, especially at night. Don’t give plaque and stains time to set into your teeth.

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