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Sports Drinks Could be Ruining Your Smile Keeping Charlottesville Smiles Healthy with Dr. Jack Kayton

added on: June 27, 2012

ABC News recently aired a story based on an article published by the Academy of General Dentistry reporting the effects of sports drinks on our teeth. The acid levels in these drinks – drinks that we consume to improve performance and rehydrate during sporting activities – can ruin tooth enamel. Not only are these drinks usually high in sugar, they are also extremely acidic – in fact, some are almost as acidic as stomach acid. When we sip these drinks over periods, such as on long bike rides, periodically during games or while hiking, we ensure that this acid is in constant contact with our enamel and there is no opportunity for our saliva to reestablish a proper pH. Instead of sports drinks, why not consider simply drinking water? While water won’t replenish your sodium, it also won’t damage your enamel or cause cavities. Another option is coconut water, which does contain some sodium and other electrolytes while still being fairly acid-neutral. Whatever you chose to drink, remember to brush your teeth, or at least rinse your mouth with water. And if you feel concerned about the acidic drinks you have been consuming, call me Dr. Jack Kayton in Charlottesville at 434.977.3939 and ask about how a Fluoride treatment can help re-mineralize your teeth.

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